Adam Nicholson

Helping Gay Men Tap Into Their Erotic Energy

Photo Courtesy of Adam Nicholson

Adam, can you tell our readers what exactly do you do?

I help gay men use erotic energy to more easily navigate through choices of pleasure and suffering so they can create new realities for themselves filled with satisfaction and fulfillment.

What does sacred intimacy look like to you?

To me, sacred intimacy is work that allows you to fully embody and embrace the pain and pleasure of your body, mind, and spirit. This work allows for touch, feelings, sexuality, and eroticism to be explored and negotiated. Instead of pushing away parts of our selves or the pain of our experiences, I invite all of you into this space so you can inquire and create everything you want in this life.

Would you say that you are an Intuitive/Psychic?

Everyone has intuitive and psychic abilities. The only difference is the degree to which you listen and trust your own body.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Nicholson

Who is your role model?

One of the most challenging pieces of my personal work has been to gain a deeper understanding of my self in relation to everyone around me — mentors, colleagues, clients, friends.

Do you believe in open relationships and do you believe they can work?

I recently had a date with someone who said they couldn’t be with me because they deserved monogamy. I asked them what that meant because I truly didn’t understand.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Nicholson

Do you have a spiritual practice?

My spiritual practice is an evolving experiment. I do have non-negotiable time every morning where I meditate, journal, draw cards, do some movement, and play with my dog. All of these practices have helped me in immense ways and I do at least one of them every day.

Photographer/writer. I believe that everyone has a story and I want to share that story with the world. Married to the best man in the world.

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